Teeth Sensitivity

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Reduce Teeth Sensitivity

If hot drinks, cold foods, or a strong breeze causes throbbing in your teeth, you may suffer with sensitive teeth. Usually, teeth sensitivity occurs because the protective layer of your teeth, either enamel over the crown or cementum over the root, has worn away. When this happens, the dentin, which contains tiny tubes with sensitive nerve endings, is exposed.

To reduce pain and relieve symptoms, consider these ideas:

Buy special toothpaste

Currently, several companies market toothpaste for people with sensitive teeth. Some products contain potassium nitrate, an ingredient that helps to block the tubules in the dentin. Consistent use of these toothpastes has been shown to offer some benefit.

Adjust how you brush

Using a hard-bristled brush, scrubbing too hard, and not brushing long enough can all contribute to teeth sensitivity. Having the right equipment and proper technique can make a big difference.

Limit acid exposure

Constant contact with fruit juices, soda, red wine, and even acidic foods like tomatoes can weaken tooth enamel. Consuming less of these offenders and brushing 20 minutes after you eat can reduce any issues.

Touch up your teeth

If other methods don’t work, talk with your dentist about a paint job for your teeth. Desensitizing agents like fluoride varnish or even certain resins can form a barrier that protects teeth from overexposure.

Address grinding issues

When you clench and grind your teeth, you may wear away enamel and create a sensitivity problem. For night time grinding, purchase a mouth guard to keep teeth in the proper position. If you notice yourself clenching and grinding during the day, relax your jaw with your teeth slightly apart.

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